Wild Blood APK Free Download

Wild Blood is an action game. It is developed by Gameloft, Top Developer on Google Play. This game is all about the adventurous journey of Sir Lancelot.

In this game King Arthur has gone crazy and his rage is more fueled by his jealousy towards Lancelot. This jealousy is all due to the romance between Sir Lancelot and his wife, Queen Guinevere. In this rage King Arthur gets trapped when his sister makes him open Hellgate for all the Demonic creatures to enter into this world. His sister Morgana Le Fey also goes on to capture his wife Queen Guinevere and held her as a captive. Due to all this mess made by these siblings the world has become vulnerable to the demons. Now Sir Lancelot has to oppose the King and his Sister Morgana to defeat them and clear up all the demons with releasing his love Queen Guinevere. This game comes with exceptional 3D graphics and fantastic game engine. The fights are impressive and you will surely get excited.

Features of Wild Blood

Below are exciting features of Game which you’ll experience after Wild Blood APK Free Download.

  • Impressive action game.
  • Features adventurous journeys of Sir Lancelot.
  • Revolves around King Arthur and Lancelot.
  • Scintillating actions.
  • Exceptional 3D graphics.
  • Lots of special effects included powered by Unreal Engine.
  • Fantastic game engine.
  • Explore awesome environments.
  • Need to face 20 different enemies.
  • Need to solve various puzzles.
  • Wide range of weaponry included.
  • Impressive fights.

Supported Android Versions

  • Gingerbread (2.3.3–2.3.7)
  • Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6)[a]
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)
  • Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)
  • KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)
  • Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0.0–6.0.1)

Wild Blood APK Free Download

So Excited to Play? Well click on below button to start Download Wild Blood APK. This is single direct link of Wild Blood APK Mod Unlocked With Unlimited Everything.

Wild Blood is a action product that require android OS for mobile devices. Wild Blood latest version v1.1.4 updated with lots of features. Download free Wild Blood apk [v1.1.4] by click the button below of this page. You may also have Modern combat 4 Zero Hour Apk from 5kapks.
By: Gameloft 
Downloads: 500,000
Updated Date: July 4, 2016
Version: v1.1.4
Required Version: 2.3 and up Developers Package: com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftWBHM

King arthur has gone mad, fueled via his jealousy toward lancelot for romancing his spouse, queen guinevere. In his desperation, arthur has been tricked by way of his sister, the all-effective sorceress morgana le fey, to open the hellgate and allow all styles of demons to enter the world. In the meantime, morgana has captured guinevere and holds her hostage on the magical island of avalon.

Instructions To Install

  1. Before Installing Game, Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data. You can enable them later after game has started working fine.
  2. Extract the obb zip file directly to location sdcard/Android/obb/ or Copy Extracted folder com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftWBHM to sdcard/Android/obb/
  3. [NOTE] If the obb folder doesn’t exist, simply create a new folder named obb insidesdcard/Android/
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Open the app, and run the game. It should no longer say “data files needed to download”

These are the steps and instructions to install any android games, that come with obb files, or are large in size.

Hope this helped.

Prime Video – Android TV .APK Download

Prime Video gives you two ways to instantly stream Videos on your Android TV device. Buy or rent your favorite titles or join Amazon Prime and get unlimited access to award-winning Prime Originals as well as thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. 

Browse titles, search for your favorites, or enjoy movies and shows recommended just for you. For our terms of use and usage rules, see amazon/video/terms. Amazon, the Amazon logo, and Prime Video are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Stream and download popular movies and TV shows including Amazon exclusives like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and Emmy award winner Tumble Leaf. 

Customers in India can enjoy hundreds of Bollywood and regional hits.

Select titles are available to download at no additional charge.

App features:
-Download movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi or cellular to watch anywhere, anytime.

-Customers in India can enjoy hundreds of top Bollywood and regional Indian hits like Sultan, Baar Baar Dekho, Kabali, Dhoom series and more!
-View IMDb data about the actors, songs and trivia related to your videos during playback with X-Ray.

The ongoing tussle between Google and Amazon has led to a multitude of controversies, most of which involve either one of them withdrawing its services from the other’s platform(s). While Amazon did release the official Prime Video app for Android TV late last year, it simply refuses to work on most of the newer Android TV devices, possibly due to an outdated compatibility list.

However, there is a workaround you can employ for installing the Amazon Prime Video and getting it to work on any Android TV or Android TV Box. Here’s how.

Install Amazon Prime Video on any Android TV

  • To get started, head over to this link* and grab the APK file which we will be using later in this process for sideloading the app.
  • Next, copy the file to an external drive like a pen drive or HDD.
  • On your Android TV, launch the Play Store and download a file manager like this one.
  • Connect the flash drive to your Android TV. A pop up from that file manager app should be displayed on the television. Press browse.
  • That should fire up the file manager app. In there, head into “SD Card”, locate the APK you transferred and click it. Select the “Install” option and you’re all set.

The Amazon Prime Video app should be now installed on your Android TV. Log in and let the binge-watching begin. The APK is retrieved from nVidia Shield which surprisingly has a working version of Amazon Prime Video, despite running on a forked version of Android TV. We tested the hack on an Android Nougat powered television, hence it’s remotely possible you may run into issues on older versions. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth a shot if you have a subscription. Hopefully, Amazon and Google will start getting along soon and we won’t have to go through such strenuous processes to watch videos on YouTube or Prime Video.

That’s it for this quick guide, let us know in the comment section if you’re stuck at some step.

*Disclaimer: The APK file is from a third party and we don’t vouch for the authenticity of the same. If you are paranoid about installing APKs from unknown sources, you should probably stay away as we have not done extensive checks to rule out any nefarious code inside. Excuse us now as we binge-watch the fifth season of Person of Interest on our Android TV.

-Stream the first episode of select TV shows for free. First Episode Free videos include advertising before and during your videos.
-With Amazon Channels, Prime members can subscribe to over 100 premium and specialty channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax. Only pay for the channels you want, no cable required, cancel anytime. (not available in all countries).

-Purchase or rent videos from our catalog of hundreds of thousands of titles including new release movies and current TV shows. (not available in all countries)

Download Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for Android (APK)

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for Android (APK)are the role-playing video game which is now finally developed by the Game Freak and Published by the The Pokémon Companywhich is now finally made available or re-released for the Nintendo 3DS, Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows and Android Devices worldwide. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon APK is the Single-player as well as the multiplayer video game which has the more story line as well as the Ultra story line than that of the previous series of this game which is the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Pokémon is alway the best popular pocket game in the world via nintendo ds . They have many version before as Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow – Special Pikachu Edition,
Gold and Silver, Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, HeartGold
and SoundSilver, Black and White, Poke Kingdom and the last summer is Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The story is about pokemon trainer and the legend of Poke Kingdom.

Pokemon Sun And Moon
With many of you undergoing the island challenge today, I wanted to share some pointers on how to best make your way through an exciting new Pokémon adventure.
This app guides you to learn about the animal world which will really help in fight and influence them to acquire more XP from each battle. The higher your relationship status, the more probable they’ll be to snap out of disarray, hold out with 1HP from what ought to have been an aggregate knockout, maintain a strategic distance from assaults, or even dispense a basic hit. 

However, Pokémon Refresh likewise gives you a chance to recuperate your Pokéfriends after each fight, curing their different status sicknesses from loss of motion to harming. That implies you won’t need to fork out for counteractants or deaden recuperates, abandoning you to furrow cash into accumulating Pokéballs, mixtures and other helpful things, for example, garments. 

New Pokemon forms have been discovered in the Alola region in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon! These forms are reminiscent of the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma, first revealed in Pokemon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Take on the role of a Pokemon Trainer and uncover new tales, and unravel the mystery behind the two forms reminiscent of the Legendary Pokemon.
Head out on an epic journey as you solve the mystery behind these fascinating new Pokemon! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon expand on the adventure of the original Sun/Moon games with new story additions and features as well as totally new Pokemon to discover. Get ready to explore more of the Alola region, catch more amazing Pokemon, and battle more formidable foes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon!

For one, the more you fight, the more enable you’ll to get. That is on account of you’ll be told on how compelling each of your Pokémon’s moves will be against an adversary on the off chance that you’ve fought them previously. 

Adequacy ranges from super powerful to not extremely successful, and you’ll even be told if an assault on an adversary has no impact at all. 

The Poké Pelago is a fairly extraordinary gathering of islands where your Pokémon can skip while they’re stored in your PC boxes. 

The more Poké Beans you gather, the more islands you can create and overhaul, with each offering interesting advantages. 

Isle Abeens is the principal island you’ll open and it’s your fundamental wellspring of Poké Beans; essentially tap the Beanstalk and it will send Poké Beans tumbling down. But at the same time it’s extraordinary for drawing in Wild Pokémon, which may well choose to stick around and join your group the next day.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for Android (APK) is set on the Hawaii-based region which is the Alola where the several characters of the Pokemon can be found as well as introduced and the storyline and forms of the different pokemon are set on this Hawai region which is cool feature of this game. This time the game also features the new type of the Pokemon or the Legendary Pokemon which is Necrozma, also known as the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma.

How to play Pokémon 3DS Games in iOS and Android Devices??

Can we really play Pokémon 3DS games now in our favorite Mobile Devices? Well Yes, Do you remember Drastic Emulator? If not I’ll tell you about it.

DraStic is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for Android/iOS. In addition to being able to play Nintendo DS games full speed on many Android devices it has the following features:

​- Enhance the game’s 3D graphics to 2 by 2 times their original resolution (this optional feature works best on high end quad core devices)
– Customize the placement and size of the DS screens, for portrait and landscape modes
– Fully supports add-on controllers, and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play
– Save and resume your progress anywhere with save states
– Tweak your gaming experience with a database of thousands of cheat codes
– Synchronize your save games with your online Google Drive space
– Increase emulation speed with fast-forward

DraStic3DS is the new updated 3DS Emulator for Android/iOS. As the name suggests the emulator can play all 3DS games besides Pokémon games.

This time Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon has updated the three new beasts where the this was not found on the previous version of this game the three new Ultra beasts are Ultra Beast AssemblyUltra Beast Beast and Ultra Beast Adhesive. So this time the game is more enjoyable and more cooler.

All new legendary Pokemon is now added on this game which is too cool because of this game the game has amazing gameplay which is liked by the gamers around the world. Not only this the game has also added the more feature which is that the player can now cross/surf across the regions seas and also has the Alola Photo Club which is that the player can now take the different pictures with the several Pokemons with the different Poses.

Mobo Market pro

MoboMarket (formerly MoboRobo) is the best third-party Android Market Application which focuses on the top free Android Games & Apps. MoboMarket features a well organized geo-location/interest based App recommendation system, helping you discover the Games & Apps that suit you most. Real-time updated top chart helps you discover the top FREE Android Games & Apps. Interest/Geo-location based App Market, helping you find the Games & Apps that suit you most. Full functioned App manager, gives you full control over your Games & Apps.

MoboMarket Features:

Download App, Wallpaper & Ringtone for FREE
Want to download something new to your device while you managing your device? MoboMarket comes with a built in resource download center that allows you to hunt for application, game, wallpaper and ringtone to download to your phone through PC network. Thus, saving you more 3G data usage for other purposes! You can download Apps from MoboMarket for FREE! 

Fast & Secure Data Backup – Restore to PC
MoboMarket for PC Backup and Restore is a quick, easy and secure way to back up important contact or files on your Android to your PC. You can create backup for your phone contacts, messages, call logs, images, files, or even App data. 

Multi-media File Management – Access to Music, Images & Videos
MoboMarket have various tabs for easy file management such as the music, images and videos tab. Giving users faster and more convenient access to their media files, along with the drag and drop function to offer users easier management of their files. 

Send & Reply SMS from PC Desktop
Still find it too slow to send SMS messages through your phone with qwerty layout. MoboMarket for PC gives you the ability to send and reply SMS messages through your computer, no matter whether it’s to a single person or a group of friends it’s quick and easy.

Other Features:

  • Live streaming & Screenshot Capture
  • All-in-one Android Manager
  • Access to Contacts List, Messages & Call Logs
  • Fast & Secure Data Backup / Restore
  • Download, Install, Remove & Update Apps

This app includes an app manager which combines a number of useful features. Full Control of your App, App Recommendation, WiFi Connection with MoboRobo. MoboMarket contains apps and games and has a nice and intuitive user interface just like the way you have in Google Play. Once you install Moborobo, it brings you the large collection of free Android apps and games in your device’s home. The gain of installing this app is that you don’t have to browse through and search for different apps and games, almost all are freely brought to you by mobomarket.

MoboMarket belongs to the Productivity category and the developer of this app is Baidu (Hong Kong) Limited. The average rating is 5.0 on our website. However, this app’s rated as 4.4 according to different platforms. Download MoboMarket if you need an application from which you can download apps and games. But, you will need Android 2.3.2 version or higher to install this app.

Current APK version of MoboMarket is and the APK was last updated on May 3, 2019, 11:57 a.m..

MoboMarket for Android Highlights:

  1. MoboMarket APK install size is 5.5 MB
  2. This app is from APKBucket Editorial
  3. Main category is Productivity and parent category is Apps
  4. Last updated date is May 3, 2019, 11:57 a.m.

MoboMarket by MoboRobo is a free Android apps and games store where you can download and install free stuff for your Android phone or the tablet. It is a great alternative to Google Play Store, Mobogenie and other Android apps markets. The app crafts great lists of hot and famous Android apps and games for you and the most important feature of MoboMarket is that it hasn’t been reported as containing malware unlike several other Android apps markets.

MoboMarket Android app is a tiny one. The app never installs unwanted apps and games on your device so you can install MoboMarket with confidence on your device. Some cool features of this great Android apps market app are listed below:


  • Its free!
  • The layout is cool
  • Lists hot apps and games for you
  • Personalized recommendations
  • App installation, backup, syncing and much more
  • Discover new apps you don’t know already
  • Grab the games and apps that are going hot among Android users
  • The app is multilingual

To start exploring a world of free Android apps and games, download the apk file of MoboMarket now. Get the direct link to MoboMarket’s APK file below and install the app to start accessing hot stuff for your device right away!

Download MoboMarket APK file from above link.

You may also leave your review for MoboMarket on our website so that our users may have a good idea about the app. 259,350 users gave the rating which resulted in the average 4.4 rating. 16,411 users rated it 1 stars while 172,979 gave it 5 stars rating. The minimum number of downloads across the web is 1 million.

MoboMarket is available on AndroidAPKsFree since its release on November 16, 2014. The current version is Furthermore, the app is available in english and the total versions you can download are 17. Download APK and open it using your favorite File manager and install by tapping on the file name.

If the installation does not start then you need to enable unknown sources from your Android settings. This app was updated 1 min ago. Some apps like this are Aptoide, Play store, Android APK Free and appvn. If you want to write a review then you may do so on our website too.

Spider Man Ultimate Power APK Free Download For Android

Spider-man ultimate power APK is another offer from Gameloft company which is focusing on android market. In this game, you act as a fictional character who has to beat enemies. Now, the success depends on your skills as to how you run the character. The missions come in the form of two categories in which you have to complete the main mission. With regard to main mission, there are some submissions as well which you have to complete. whereas, Spider-man till now has come up with 25 missions which need to be complete. Each mission almost takes an hour for its completion. So, you have to cross different attractive stages and then you have to defeat enemies strategically.

The game come with amazing graphics and has an attractive soundtrack as well. The game has been rated highly as well. Download Link  APK


The Spider-Man Ultimate power has come with many exciting features which everyone likes. Hence, Some of its interesting features are discussed below which you can read and have an idea of how the game is convenient to be played.

  • You have the option to enjoy the game in five different environments
  • An endless runner game where you have excellent combat and gameplay
  • Almost twenty-five amazing mission
  • An adventurous game which you can play as per episode
  • You have to collect the spider cards from paths
  • Excellent and amazing graphics of the game
  • Unlimited hours of entertainment
  • Excellent animation of the game
  • Compatibility with all android devices
  • Excellent soundtrack

Spider-Man Ultimate Power – The world of superheroes is loved all over the world thanks to the collection of stories and elaborately invested movies. Game products that take images from the most popular heroes are not uncommon. When you want a game with your favorite character, just search their name directly with the type of game you want to play on the Google tool. Then there are millions of returned results so you can choose freely, choose the whole day. Give them some free time, then after being bored, download another one. The superhero game source (and like many other topics) is endless.

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes that has been stripped of the image after a long time of release. The game and movies of this character are many, so finding an excellent product to play is not difficult. “Spider-Man Ultimate Power” has been popularly known and played enthusiastically since 2014. It is a reliable publisher product Gameloft with lots of attractive features. Players will participate in the game and perform the Spider’s duty with all the power he possesses. “With great power comes great responsibility” !!!!

The story of the game tells about a time when The Green Goblin, Sandman, and Venom started to become smarter and formed a team against the enemy (Spider-Man !!). And the first step for them to implement that plan is to kidnap Mary Jane to threaten the hero! He will have to use his powers, defeat the bad guys before reaching the lair of the bosses, save Mary Jane and even New York. It sounds so cool, but everything is simple and packed in a traditional way of playing runner.

The player will use web-sling to fly across the streets of Manhattan and defeat the bad guys. “Spider-Man Ultimate Power” will always force you to move from left to right according to the side-scrolling game mechanism. You can only move forward and confront the enemy, entirely without retreat. You will quickly move through many different scenes, jump on platforms and punch bad guys who are running away. Running, jumping, swinging and shooting are all the moves you can make with this character. Combining them well can create extremely smooth combos, just like in movies.

The game will have two different game modes for players to change their experience. Each of them has its own characteristics and requirements but still follow their basic gameplay. The first is that the Story mode is specifically designed as a comic chapter and the player has to do everything the creative team is about to set up. Sometimes you will have to defeat enough bad guys to pass the stage, or you must find enough items, and sometimes you don’t need to do anything, just go to the destination in the specified time.

The second mode is Survival, which is always a big challenge for most players. You will not be recovered, fighting endlessly and the game will never end. Until you are exhausted and collapsed, your achievements are recorded, and rewards are awarded commensurate with the distance and accomplishments you have achieved. Note that these currency games can be used for upgrading Spidey’s powers, applying boosts, or unlocking different suits to wear. The bigger the power, the easier it is to play, but the higher the responsibility.

Moreover, the Spider-Man ultimate power has beautiful graphics which allow you to play the game smoothly. The game comes with amazing missions which make it even more interesting. so, I suggest you all to kindly download the game directly from our page and have the thrill. Finally, We would also love to have your feedback about the app. I am sure, you will love the game and have all the fun. to be complete. Each mission almost takes an hour for its completion. So, you have to cross different attractive stages and then you have to defeat enemies strategically.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is a very useful application thanks to which you can use your device’s camera as a barcode reader. 

Its most useful function, without a doubt, is its ability to create QR codes, which allows you to share the information of any application or contact on your list by simply selecting its name. 

QR & Barcode Scanner latest APK 1.5.3 (64) is a good scanning app to have. This Android app is powerful because it is able to scan any kind of format to get the information. Today, some products or institutions use the barcode in order to show their information. Well, I am sure that the barcode is quite effective because it is safe and also unique. However, people need the tool in order to read the information inside the barcode.

Table of Contents

  •  QR & Barcode Scanner File Information
  •  Download QR & Barcode Scanner
  •  QR & Barcode Scanner review
  •  ChangeLog
  •  Older Versions

QR & Barcode Scanner File Information

Developer: Gamma Play
Version: 1.5.3 (64)
File size: 3.3 MB
Uploaded: February 3, 2019 at 11:30AM GMT+07
Requirement: Varies with device
MD5: 40fd416d17e7259069a24e8690a453e5
SHA1: 1f4667efd8ebbbaef41544b90a564e44604c4e39

Download QR & Barcode Scanner APK 1.5.3

  Download APK File (3.3 MB)Install from Google Play Store  

QR & Barcode Scanner review

Yes, as its name, this app is special to scan the QR and the barcode. With this app, I am sure that scanning the barcode will be easier and simpler. This app id developed by Gamma Play. By this app, you could use the camera of the Android device as the scanner. See, how great it is! This app is very special with the clean and friendly interface. It uses the combination of blue and white as the basic color. The combination of the colors is good, so the users won’t find difficulties in operating it. Besides, it is also easy to use.

As we have said before, this app will make scanning barcode becoming quite easy to do. Here, you just need to open the app, point the camera to the barcode and automatically your device will scan it. You do not need to touch any button even doing zoom using the camera.

Another good matter inside this app is the use. Yes, this app is very good because it is able to scan any type of barcode. This app will help you to scan such as text, URL, ISBN, product, calendar, email, location and others. After the scanning time, you could see the detail information behind the code. Well, that is all about the QR & Barcode Scanner for Android. This app is simple and easy to use. Besides, it is also useful by its features.


  • Bug fixes

In the same way, all you have to do is place your camera’s phone in front of a barcode so it automatically recognizes it and interprets it with no problem. You will need, however, very good lighting for this. 

Barcode Scanner is a very useful application for any Android user, as it is becoming increasingly more common to find interesting information stored in QR codes.

Download Into the Dead 2 MOD APK v1.22.0 (Unlimited Money, VIP)

I’m going to introduce you to a zombie survival game. Yes, exactly is the zombie. This topic is still being exploited for the games I have shared in previous articles, and I was very excited when the survival game of the famous publisher PIKPOK was further developed to release the sequel Into the Dead 2 in the series.

Into the Dead has made many gamers in the world have to be amazed to the combination of shooting and survival, creating a 3D game extremely attractive. And perhaps the return of Into the Dead 2 (MOD Unlimited Money, VIP) will be a long step in the history of PIKPOK.

The story

Into the Dead 2 brings the player into a world where strange plagues turn many people into zombies. They are always looking for ways to attack and eat the survivors. At this point, James is on his way to find his wife – Halen, who trapped in the area surrounded by a lot of zombies. James’s truck collided with zombies and caused him to lose control, his car was overturned and James was surrounded by zombies.

Fortunately, James is okay. He escapes from the truck and retrieves a picture of himself and Halen. Suddenly, the zombies emerge from the smell of humans, and they rush in and attack him. There is still a gun, he shoots them, trying to keep in touch with Halen and trying to run in the ruins with the hope of getting rid of the zombies and finding the one they love: Halen.


Rarely has a zombie survival game designed in the FPS like Into the Dead 2. As James, the player will have to do everything to be able to find Halen and return home before it’s too late. Players can control their characters to avoid the zombies ahead while moving forward is automatic. If you can not avoid the zombies, you can use your weapons to attack them.

Initially, players will be given a shotgun according to the plot, later the player can unlock more powerful weapons. Remember that the amount of ammunition in the game is extremely limited, you can get random ammo during the move to add firepower to yourself but still need to save. If you use all of it, run out of ammunition quickly, you will soon experience death when the zombies arrived.

The game has 7 chapters, including more than 60 levels and numerous challenges with increasing difficulty. The story in the game is flexible, can change depending on the player’s progress.


Aside from just running away from the zombies, you also need to pay attention to the quest system for reward. It is possible to kill 5 zombies at once, collect all ammo along the way or lose no bullets. The mission system will help you get more excited and not be bored when playing.

In addition, you can upgrade your weapon to increase your damage, speed, and reload speed, and upgrade your tank.

And you can also have a companion dog, protecting you from the zombies and fighting them.


In Part 1, Into the Dead’s 3D graphics are only available in black and white. In Into the Dead 2, the game has been dramatically improved with color enhancements and improvements in detail. However, in this colorful world, the horrible zombies and the gloomy atmosphere of the world are entering a period of decline.

The sound of Into the Dead 2 is also carefully crafted, allowing the player to feel the chills of the cold when confronted with zombies. Run or be killed.

See the trailer:

Into the Dead 2 FAQs

  • What’s new version v1.22.0?
  • How to install the MOD version?


Into the Dead 2 is a survival game for those who love shooting genres. I had to wait quite long before I could enjoy this game on the phone. Into the Dead 2 owns beautiful graphics, dramatic gameplay, and a humorous storyline. Game speed is quite high, as well as many types of support equipment. In the future, Into the Dead 2 will probably be improved to open new game modes.

With the support for iOS, and most recently support for Android, you can play Into the Dead 2 wherever you like. Below are the links to download Into the Dead 2, including the MOD version.


  • Into the Dead 2 for AndroidAPK – v1.22.0
  • Into the Dead 2 for AndroidAPK (MOD Money, VIP) – v1.22.0

Note: Please select a link to download Into the Dead 2 for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Money, VIP) version or the original APK.

How To Install Dolby Atmos APK On Android Without Root

Dolby Atmos Download: We all love to hear music with good audio quality in our smartphones. Music is the one thing that relieves us from stress and helps in our daily routine. So, if you need best quality music then you need Dolby Atmos APK on your Android phones. For those of you know what it is and want to download it for your Android devices, you have come to the right place. And those who don’t know, Dolby Atmos increases the sound quality of your smartphones and give you a different level of experience. We’ll tell you in detail all about Dolby Atmos Apk and how to download it without rooting your Android device. Many smartphones nowadays come with an inbuilt app of Dolby Atmos and hence have an amazing sound quality. But don’t worry if your device hasn’t. You can download it today itself that too without rooting your device.

What Is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos which was released in June 2012 by Dolby Laboratories is the ultimate sound technology. It was meant to be for cinemas earlier but now it is available in Phones also. The first theatre to get the setup of the Dolby Atmos Surround was Dolby theatre in California. Dolby Atmos technology was used in some famous movies also like StarWars. But now as the technology progressed, Dolby Atmos is available for Android smartphones also. It was first introduced in Lenovo A700 and became a hit as supposed. Then, it got ported to other Android devices as well. So, now we’ll tell you some advantages and disadvantages(hardly any) of Dolby Atmos Digital Sound.

Now, let’s see the main thing i.e. how to install Dolby Atmos Apk on your Android device without root.

Download Dolby Atmos Apk On Android Without Root

Dolby Atmos can be installed in two ways on your Android smartphone either by rooting or without rooting your device. Although it’s better to use the root method as it gives a much better sound quality and works as your default player only but we’ll discuss here the without root method. This is the easiest method to get an amazing sound quality on your Android devices.

You’ll require your Android smartphone, Google Music Player (very important) and Dolby Atmos Apk link which we’ll provide you. So, let’s get started.

  • Go to Settings option on your phone. Click on Security there and enable downloads from unknown sources. This will help you download the apps other than from Google Play Store.
  • Now, you need to download the Dolby Atmos Apk on your Android phone. The link to download the Apk of Dolby Atmos Digital sound is here – Download Dolby Atmos
  • After you have downloaded the app you need to install it.
  • You now have to open your music player app which must be Google Play Music. Any other music app will not work. So, if you don’t have Google Play Music on your phone download it from the PlayStore – Download Google Play Music
  • This is the important step. You need to disable your Android phone’s default equalizer. You can find it in Settings of Google Play Music App.
  • Now Dolby Atmos will be automatically enabled. So finally, you can enjoy your music in high quality and also use headphones so that you can experience better sound.
  • If Dolby Atmos is not enabled automatically, then go to Google Play Music app on your phone. On the top left corner, you’ll find three horizontal lines. Click on them.
  • Now go to Settings in the menu and when you’ll scroll down, you’ll find Equalizer. Now, enable Doby Atmos from there and enjoy your music.

Now, you can enjoy your music with the best quality in your Android device. Also, you’ll notice the difference with and without Dolby Atmos while listening to music. It is clearly there.

Advantages of Dolby Atmos

  • Your Android Smartphone gets amazing sound quality.
  • Sony & Lenovo mobiles’ like sound quality.
  • Simple to use
  • Works as an inbuilt equalizer

Disadvantages of Dolby Atmos APK

  • Your Android Smartphone’s version must be 4.3 or above for Dolby Atmos Apk to work.
  • If you download it from the root method then for uninstalling it you have to download a different Apk because of it can’t be uninstalled just like that.


This was the process on how to download Dolby Atmos Apk On Android without root. If you need to uninstall this, you can simply uninstall it without any other Apk because it was downloaded without the root method. This is a really simple method and the best one to improve the quality of sound on your phone. This must be really helpful for all the music lovers out there just like me. So, download the Dolby Atmos Apk today in your smartphones and do show your friends and share with them. Stay tuned at Latestmodapks for more cool tips & tricks like these.

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight 8.0.0 Apk + Mod for Android

There are various series of Transformers games in play-store. But this game is different because it has some unique features. It has the popular characters with new 3d design. This game has excellent graphics that reminds you of the realistic Transformers battle. You have your base surrounded by the transformers. You can even modify them and can change their settings. Fight against other players to claim your rewards. Be the ultimate dominator in the way.

Transformers Forged to Fight Gameplay

Story campaign in Transformers Forged to Fight Mod APK

The first mode that is available to you in the game is a story campaign. The plot campaign is also the most voluminous mode of the game as there are three large-scale acts, in which there are 4 chapters. Each of which has six parts and the story can be expanded with updates. Technically, each part of the campaign is represented by a small map of the tracks along which your squad moves. Daily missions are special cards that change every day. At the same time, each mission can have several difficulty levels and for each difficulty there is a recommended level of detachment strength.

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite characters in the battle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide. This exciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular action from over 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!


  • Collect iconic bots from the entire Transformers universe
  • Battle other players with devastating special attacks, ranged blasting, destructible terrain and huge 360° arenas
  • Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle in global events
  • Set a gauntlet of bots and defenses to protect your base, get revenge on those that attack and raid enemy bases
  • Deploy away teams to score epic loot

Roll Out!

WiFi or cellular connection is required to play.
Optional in-app purchases available.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: youtube.com/TransformersForgedtoFight

TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved.


• A new Challenge Mission has arrived! Conquer this new challenge to gain exclusive rewards
• Alliance Mission Map 3 has been reworked providing increased difficulty and rewards!
• Alliance Mission Maps 1 and 2 have received updated Boss and Mini-Boss encounters
• A number of Bots have been re-tuned
Check out the full list of exciting updates on the blog: transformersforgedtofight.com/news   How to install
Download and install original apk
LogIn or SignUp in kabam account
Complete tutorial
Uninstall original apk
Download and install mod apk
LogIn in kabam account and play

Transformers Forged to Fight Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Root Required
  • Anti-ban

You can also download : SpongeBob Moves In Mod APK


At the Arena, you oppose the squads of other players. In each squad there are three transformers, and a pair of transformers fights in turn, earning points. A raid is an attack on an enemy base, just like you. In the raid, you simply consistently fight the enemy’s “garrison”, passing through the enemy base. After the raid, the enemy can take revenge on you.

Android Requirements

  • All Android and Amazon Kindle devices with Android 4.1 and up
  • Size :  118 MB
  • Version: Latest

Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK Unlimited Crystals and Money

How to Install?

  1. Click on “Install Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK” button.
  2. Install “Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK” It is completely online. So no chances of a virus.
  3. Open the Installer, Agree to TOS and Install the complete MOD APK
  4. Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  5. Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Resources.

Download Also: Portal Knights Apk Mod + DATA

If you feel any problem in running Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK, then feel free to comment down below.

MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer v4.6.2.0 [Pro] [Latest]

Bring your Music Experience to life with Floating Visualization beneath your on-screen Navigation Bar.
MUVIZ is a first of its kind app that displays a Music Visualizer beneath your Navbar while you are listening to your favourite music from your favourite apps. NO root required.

Don’t have an on-screen Navbar on your phone? no worries, you can still make the app show Visualizer above your Hardware Navigation.

MUVIZ not only enhances your music experience, it also elevates your video experience by showing visualizations over your favourite video apps like Youtube, MX Player, etc., Your lyric video collections are no more a boring set of scrolling texts.

You have an option to select from growing set of stock Visualization designs and,
it doesn’t end up there. You can customize every aspect of stock design according to your needs.

Customization includes Colors, Shapes, Size and everything you can imagine.

Still not satisfied? Then, you have an option to create your own visualization designs with our Creator Tool bundled in our app. Cool na!

Go ahead and enjoy!

Why Visualization beneath navigation bar gets hidden when certain apps like Spotify and Chrome are launched?
These apps use their own navigation bar style which cannot be overridden. Use Visualization position as ‘Above Navbar’ to enjoy Viz over these apps.

Why Visualization gets hidden when the Keyboard is active?
The Visualization is intentionally made hidden to avoid hindrance while typing.


● Option to show visualization only on Selected Apps
● Option to turn off Persistent Notification
● Fixed issue in Selecting Apps

MUVIZ is a first of its kind app that displays a Music Visualizer on your Phone’s Navigation Bar while you are listening to your favourite music from your favourite apps. NO root required.

Don’t have an on-screen Navbar on your phone? no worries, you can still make the app show Visualizer above your Hardware Navbar.

MUVIZ not only enhances your music play, it also elevates your video experience by showing visualizer over your favourite video apps like Youtube.

You have an option to select from infinite set of Visualizer Designs updated daily, and it doesn’t end up there. You can even edit them, matching your needs.

Still not enough? Then, unleash your design minds to create your own visualizers with our Inbuilt Creator Tool and share it with other users and friends.

Featured On

PhoneArena – “Muviz puts a cool audio visualisation on your Android phone’s navigation bar”

Android Police – “Really neat if you are into this sort of thing”

XDA Developers – “An innovative audio visualizer that works on almost every Android phone”

Android Authority – “Muviz puts a nifty music visualization graphic right on your navbar”

Phandroid – “The Ultimate Music Visualizer for Android”


Why Permissions?
Accessibility Access Permission – Required to detect app switches and music play.
Record Audio Permission – Required to get music data from other apps, to create visualizer.

Why Visualizer do not react properly to some of my music apps?
The app visualizes what the music and video player apps provides them. We do noted that some of the media apps sends out dummy audio data which in turn comes out as random visualization. An alert will be shown when an app sends out dummy data.

Why Visualizer is not visible on my device with hardware navbar?
To see visualizer on device with hardware navbar, select Visualizer position as ‘Above Navbar’ from app settings.

Why Visualizer on navbar gets hidden when certain apps like Chrome are launched?
These apps use their own navigation bar style which cannot be overridden. Use Visualizer position as ‘Above Navbar’ to enjoy visualizer over these apps.

Why Visualizer gets hidden when the Keyboard is active?
The Visualizer is intentionally made hidden to avoid hindrance while typing.

Why I am unable to grant permissions when visualizer is active?
This is due to a security feature by android which blocks from granting permissions when a screen overlay is detected. Kindly pause your music for a moment before you grant permissions. This will remove the visualizer overlay and allow you to grant permissions for other apps.